phuze is a medical communications consultancy focused on creating high quality educational content. By partnering with healthcare professionals and patient stakeholders, we produce programs that drive behaviour change and improve healthcare delivery.

We use a structured process for: identifying and prioritising our client’s key objectives; developing a strategic plan for achieving their goals; implementing an effective, focused response and; continually improving how they engage with healthcare professionals, stakeholders and patients.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients connect with healthcare professionals and, in turn, help healthcare professionals achieve the best clinical outcomes.



Don't Put Your Medical Marketing At Risk By Taking Short Cuts On Education

The pharmaceutical industry has been successfully communicating the benefits of its products to healthcare professionals (HCPs)  for many years, but things are changing. Conventional marketing and communications are giving way to medical education, with a new focus on improving health outcomes.

Medicine is more specialised than ever before, and HCPs need up to date information on the diseases they deal with and how to treat them.

How do you, as a pharmaceutical marketing or medical affairs executive, integrate education into your communications strategy? Can you shift your focus from promotional material to engaging with HCPs and giving them the information they need?

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Drawing on his own experiences, and the insights gained throughout his varied career, phuze’s founder Louis Reginato knows that there's a lot more to successful medical communications than just adapting conventional marketing techniques to deliver slightly different information. Building your brand in today's pharma industry poses new challenges, and it takes a different approach to overcome them.

In his new book, Leveraging Medical Communication to Grow Brand Equity, Louis reveals the myths that hold companies back from communicating effectively. Drawing on case studies he's been personally involved with, he lays out the principles of medical education and how you can build them into your business strategy.

In this groundbreaking book for marketing and medical affairs executives, you'll discover:

  • How medical communications fit into your overall information strategy

  • The best ways to effectively engage key opinion leaders and stakeholders

  • How to differentiate your medical communication from your competitors - and leverage it to take on the market leaders

  • Creating your medical communication strategy in a way that's straightforward and affordable

  • Analysing and fine-tuning the effectiveness of your communication strategy

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