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How To Gain An Edge Over Your Competition
By Leveraging The Power Of Medical Education

Louis Reginato, Managing Director and founder of Phuze, is an innovative leader in medical education. With more than 25 years' experience in pharmaceutical sales, marketing and communications, Louis is a highly sought-after consultant and advisor.

As an expert consultant, Louis has supported and mentored marketing executives across the industry in adapting their communication strategies to include the medical education programs they need to reach today's healthcare professionals.

Now you have the opportunity to benefit from Louis' experience and knowledge. In his new book, Leveraging Medical Communication to Grow Brand Equity, Louis reveals some of the secrets to effectively engage HCPs with clinically relevant programs that can contribute to better health outcomes. With the benefit of Louis' unique knowledge of the industry you will be able to integrate medical education into your communication strategy, grow your brand equity and enhance your company's reputation.

Louis works with marketing and medical affairs executives who are charged with ensuring that medical professionals understand where their products fit in the treatment pathway and how they can optimise treatment outcomes. To do this in today's market you need innovative and informative medical communications, and Louis specialises in delivering that.

Request your complimentary session with Louis and let him work with you to take your medical education strategy to the next level and create a cutting-edge communication strategy for your business.

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