Our philosophy

phuze is a medical communications consultancy committed to developing content that helps healthcare professionals make treatment decisions that improve patient outcomes. Our goal is to ensure our clients connect with healthcare professionals, and help healthcare professionals connect with both their patients and their peers to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Before determining if our expertise is a fit with the client and their education goals, we aim to thoroughly understand:

  • Our client's communication challenges
  • The health benefits of their products
  • The educational needs of the healthcare professional.

Only then, do we work towards developing specifically tailored initiatives.

Our proven business analysis and program development tools, including spark, focus on the market challenges and their potential impact on key clinical, as well as business, outcomes. 

This process involves:

  • Recalibrating and creating a strong medical communication positioning 
  • Drilling down to uncover the barriers holding the business back and drivers that will propel it forward
  • Bringing ideas to life and creating a tipping point for success
  • Monitoring key activities to ensure continuous program improvement
  • Applying key learnings to optimise outcomes at each phase of a program

Our expertise is drawn from senior consultants, each with more than 15 years of pharmaceutical marketing and medical communications experience in developing:

  • Patient focused education modules for general practitioners, specialists and nurses
  • Clinical masterclasses
  • Scientific symposia
  • Clinical audits
  • KOL Advisory Boards and stakeholder engagement programs
  • Clinical in-service collateral
  • Product familiarisation programs
  • Patient education materials