Is Your Medical Education Strategy Costing You
Valuable Engagement with HCPs?


Discover the Secrets to Building a Medical Communications Strategy That Will Build Brand Equity!

In this groundbreaking book for pharmaceutical marketing and medical affairs executives, you will discover:

  • How medical education can fit into your overall communication strategy

  • The best ways to effectively engage healthcare professionals and key stakeholders

  • How to differentiate your med comms from your competitors – and leverage them to take on the market leaders

  • Creating your med comms strategy in a way that’s straightforward and affordable

  • Analysing and fine-tuning the effectiveness of your communication strategy

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Don’t Fall Behind the Competition by
Neglecting Medical Education

As a marketing or medical affairs executive in the pharmaceutical industry, your key role is to ensure medical professionals are aware of your products and how they can improve treatment outcomes. The chances are your focus up to now has been on traditional sales and marketing techniques – however, as the pharmaceutical industry changes, we are seeing greater emphasis on medical communication.

There is increasing demand for higher standards of clinical efficacy and safety. Now you have to show your how your product will make healthcare delivery more efficient and effective. The way we engage healthcare professionals is changing too. The way ahead is to align information about your products with a wider-ranging communication strategy. One that improves clinical knowledge, grows brand equity and improves how your company is perceived.

A personal note from Louis…

Even without seeing your overall communications plan I’m pretty sure I could predict its basic outline. You’ll have a solid base of conventional marketing, and probably a medical education program too. Medical communications are the new frontier in the pharmaceutical sector, and no doubt you’ve rightly decided you need a presence in that field.

Medical education can be easy to do, but the problem is that it can be difficult to do properly. You might be putting the right resources into it and basing your campaigns on the best information available, but if it isn’t properly coordinated with the rest of your organisation it won’t achieve the results you’re looking for.

In this book I explore the most common issues businesses experience as they move into medical communications – and the strategy errors that can turn your education campaigns from an asset to a liability. I’ve seen med ed go well, and I’ve seen it fail. Getting the strategy right isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s essential.

I decided to write this book to help the industry that’s been so good to me over the years. I’ve spent more than two decades working in pharmaceuticals, and I’m excited about sharing my experience to help you to develop a successful campaign.